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Wedding is a ceremony where two people or a couple are united in marriage. Everyone knows that we should have flowers and candles and decorate the tables on wedding day , but what about capturing those fascinating moments? Our amenity promise you a unique style of wedding photography. We create an intimate vayeuristic quality as well as draw the viewers eye right into the image. The fancy clothes , the beautiful vistas , the joy of the guests and the love of the bride and groom urge us to procure the moments more impromptu.



Photographers refer pre-wedding photoshoot as an engagement session , but not really at all ..... we consider this session as a great way for our clients to get to know us. It also helps the couple to learn to be comfortable in front of camera . Lastly, pre-wedding provides plenty of creative freedom to shoot beautiful photos for save-the-date, cards, wedding invitations and guestbooks. The gorgeous oriel and bay windows offers a great frame to photography especially with brides in modern times .

Our style of photography is defined by unique fashion flair that we show off throughout each and every one of our couple shoot matched with even more unique style of post production.The actual bonding between a newly wed couple take place after the wedding is over. We do have vast experience to cover the moments from holding hands, walking in the park , sharing a memorable time , sitting close to each other on post wedding shoot.

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Maternity photography captures the period of time while a woman is pregnant. It is the time you can showcase the love, intimacy and joy associated with pregnancy and adding a new member to your family. You can be as versatile as you want . Maternity photos , for instance ; the silhouette of you and your belly or a heart of hands over your belly or holding a pair of baby booties over your belly . The goal of these image is to capture that special time while you were creating your child.


When you have a newborn , everyone can ease the anxiety that new parents feel and give you confidence as you bond with your new baby. We are happy to hold and cuddle sweet little miracles. Babies reflexes are quick and in an instant they can roll and lunge so we don't take chances as baby safety is our top priority. Everything we do, including beanbags poses , handled poses and prop shots are done with safety in mind.


Your child's birthday, Baptism or naming ceremony are one of the most important event for the family . We understand the importance and archive those moments into beautiful photographs that will serve as beautiful memories for everyone down the years . Our approach is to let the child be free in order to take the photographs.



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D3Scochin feel so very blessed to be able to capture amazing emotions and one of life’s most precious milestones for all our clients. We serve in India & Dubai. click here for our offers.

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